• Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Washington Crossing Open Air Theatre. 


    All seats are unreserved and general admission. Seating is benches and have a back similar to park benches. Please bring a blanket or cushion for extra comfort. Cushions and blankets are sold at the theatre.

    What types of payment does the Box Office accept? 

    Yes to Cash and Personal checks. No to Credit Cards.

    Can I reserve tickets ahead of time?

    No. Unfortunately due to possible weather issues, we do not pre-sell individual tickets; we sell tickets only for that evening's performance.  A discounted 10-ticket package is available in advance, at the Box Office or by mail. When purchased you will receive a punch card for you to bring when you visit the Park. As you use up the 10 tickets, the card will be punched.

    Can I reserve group tickets in advance?

    No. Unfortunately we do not sell group tickets in advance however groups are always welcome and due to the size of the Open Air Theatre, seats are always available for a group of any size. If you have a question regarding a group, please email us by clicking HERE.

    Are pets allowed?

    Pets are welcome ONLY if they are well behaved and remain quiet during the performance. Guide dogs are always allowed.

    What if it looks like rain?

    Call the Box Office for a weather report after 6 PM on the day of the show. It can be raining in Hopewell, Titusville and Yardley and be beautiful at the Open Air Theatre. Usually if it rains all day with no sign of letup, the show will be cancelled and a message will be put on the answering machine by 6 PM.

 The Box Office Phone is 267-885-9857. 

    What if it rains during the show?

    If it starts to rain during the show, a 20-minute delay will occur with the hopes to resume.
 If the show is cancelled before intermission, you may exchange your ticket at the Box Office for another night of the same show. If the show is cancelled during or after intermission, no refunds will be given and your ticket will not be honored for another performance.


    The physical address of the Open Air Theatre is 455 Washington Crossing-Pennington Rd. in Titusville, New Jersey.


    There is no fee for parking at the Open Air Theatre however, the Department of Concession and the state of New Jersey does charge an entrance fee into the Washington Crossing State Park on Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm. The charge is $7 for Pennsylvania residents and $6 for New Jersey residents. This charge is in addition to the ticket price.

    Handicap accessible? 

    Handicap parking spaces are available. Wheelchair seating is available. The approach to the seating area is on a moderate slope.


    Light snacks (soda, water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot dogs, candy, chips, ice cream, etc.) are available for sale by 7:00 before the performance and during intermission. There are numerous picnic tables in the vicinity. Feel free to come early and enjoy a picnic in the park. For your safety, picnicking is not permitted in the grassy area in front of the theatre as it is our parking lot.

    Can I bring wine/beer/liquor to the theatre?

    No, the NJ park system does not allow alcoholic beverages in the theatre area or anywhere in the park.

    Trash disposal?

    The Park is a Carry In, Carry Out facility. Plastic refuse bags are available if you don't bring your own.


    Mosquitoes are not uncommon. You may wish to bring some repellent.

    Does it get cold?

    The Open Air Theatre is just that. Even a hot day can precede a chilly night. Bring a jacket or extra blanket to cover up with.

    Bathrooms available?

    Restrooms are adjacent to the box office.

    Drinking fountains?

    None. Bottled water is available at the snack shack.

    Smoking permitted?

    The seating area is smoke free. A smoking area is available.

    Anything else I should bring?

    You might want a flashlight.

    Anything I shouldn't bring?

    Please set all wireless phones, pagers, and watches to silent mode when in the seating area. Flash photography is not permitted. Sound or video recording is not allowed.